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Turtle Beach Hotel - A Web Quest


TURTLES OR TOURISTS? This activity will engage you in a tough decision making process that will challenge your views on progress versus the environment.  

More Background Information

The Problem

A group of developers would like to build an eco-friendly hotel on a beach which is a famous green turtle nesting site in Ras Al Hadd, Oman. (the site is indicated by the small turtle picture on right side of the map below) A meeting has been called by the Ministry of the Environment in Oman to discuss granting the permission for the hotel project to go ahead. If the hotel project is approved, certain conditions may also be imposed. Several interested parties will present their views at the meeting.

The Task  

Each member of your group must prepare an informative, interesting and persuasive report that you will present at the meeting outlining your views. Your report should include a Powerpoint presentation with graphics and photographs, or a video with handouts.  After all the views have been heard, a panel of your peers (classmates) will decide on the future of the hotel development project.                       

The Process

Form a group of 4 to 5 people.  Each group member will take on one of the roles described below.  If you have a group of 5 people, two people will be environmentalists.
Each student must access the resources given for their role and prepare a report as described above.  Some media resources are provided to help you to prepare your presentation.
You will present the report to the class who will make the final decision about the hotel.
You have 3 weeks to do this activity.

The Roles                                      

Community Leader                            
Hotel Developer

The Evaluation






Making decisions should be a thoughtful process of choice after considering a variety of alternatives and their pros and cons. It is humankind's ability to do this that sets us apart from other species.  Conserving nature while pursuing opportunities is a glorious challenge for today's decision makers. 

For more information about this web quest contact:

Monica Gallant at Dubai Women's College or

Lexie Stephens

Environmentalist Community Leader Hotel Developer Government Evaluation Background Media Resources