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You are an environmentalist and/or a turtle expert who will discuss the life cycle and the environment of the endangered turtles and the effects of the hotel's development and the resulting human activity on turtle nesting sites.


Look at the following sites to find some useful information:

All about turtles

Read the facts about marine turtles

Focus on regional conservation in The Arabian Gulf

Green turtles of Northern Australia

Hotel or turtle breeding ground

Additional Resources: (optional)

Conduct an interview with a local environmental group to discover their views.
Arrange a video-conference with a famous environmentalist
View videos about endangered sea turtles like:

Ancient Sea Turtles Stranded in a Modern World (Information about this video)

Fall of the Ancients: Hawaii's Green Sea Turtles In Crisis - a joint production of The Honu Project and Earthtrust.

Turtle Diary - a splendid British drama that is an absolute must-see for lovers of marine turtles. It stars Glenda Jackson, Ben Kingsley, and Michael Gambon, and deals with their shared love for captive sea turtles.

Read books about turtles: One list is included here

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