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Your instructor and 3 of your classmates (selected at random) will score your assignment based on the following rubric:


Score of 0

Score of 1

Score of 2

Score of 3

Your score


There is a lot of insufficient or incorrect information

There is an adequate amount of correct information

Almost all information is provided and is correct

Information is comprehensive and all correct



Information is poorly organized and difficult to follow

Information is somewhat structured 

Information is mostly structured and can be followed

Information is well organized and easy to understand



It is impossible to determine the point of view  

The point of view is vague or inconsistent

The point of point is mostly clear with slight inconsistencies 

The point of view of the role player is clearly and consistently presented 



The argument is vague and not persuasive

The arguments are somewhat persuasive.

Most of the arguments are persuasive.

The arguments made are very persuasive



Resources were not used.

Few resources were used.

Several online resources were used but no additional resources were used.

All required and additional resources were used 



No graphics or required media were used.

Media use was ineffective or boring.

Media and graphics were properly used but not to their best effect. 

Presentation was well designed using effective media and graphics



Presentation tone was inappropriate.

Presentation tone was slightly amateurish.

Presentation tone was mostly professional.

The tone of the presentation was always professional



Frequent spelling and/or grammar errors

Many spelling and/or grammar errors

Only 1 or 2 spelling and/or grammar errors

No spelling or grammar errors


Total Score




Total possible score of 24



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